ASB Premiership Round 2 review

So week 2 produced 16 goals in 4 games, we got our 1st home win (well 2 Hawke's Bay United & Canterbury United), the first hat trick (Wade Molony for WaiBOP) and the first red card (Luis Corrales for Team Wellington).

WaiBOP United were frustrated at their 3-2 loss to Team Wellington in week 1 and took out their frustrations on a hapless Waitakere United hammering them 5-1 in the Thursday night TV game.

Auckland City are still the team to beat and easily overcame the Wellington Phoenix youngsters 3-1. How the Phoenix do will depend on the number of senior players that step down, if its going to be just the youngsters for the season it is going to be a difficult one for them.

Canterbury United beat a 10 man Team Wellington 2-1, while that seems close, Wellington's goal was a penalty in the last minute and the win was a reasonably comfortable one for Canterbury.

Hawke's Bay United easily dispatched Southern United 3-0. Southern United have yet to score and look as if they will be battling it out with Waitakere United and the Phoenix for the bottom spot

So from NZ Football Here are the goals

Goal of the week : Wade Molony's opener against Waitakere
Goalkeeping howler of the week : Waitakere's Simon Williams has this one all to himself this week with a game he'd rather forget.
Don't really want to make this a regular feature so on the plus side for keepers, Canterbury United's Coey Turipa had a great game

Results and Beers

Waitakere United 1 WaiBOP United 5

Behemoth Chur NZ Pale Ale (5.5%) 1 
A clear malty Pale Ale, nothing really outstanding, a bit of a disappointment as I have had Behemoth beers before and was expecting better
Croucher Pale Ale (5%) 3
A Bitter sweet Pal Ale, wasn't that impressive to start with but was definitely wanting another by the end of the glass

Hawkes Bay United 3 Southern United 0

Hawkes Bay Independent Black Duck Porter (4%) 1 
I am trying to use different breweries but the problem in the Hawke's Bay is there are only 4 or 5 and this was the only Porter I could find from there. Was OK did make me think of Speight's Old Dark which probably isn't a good thing!
Emerson's London Porter (5%) 2
As Emerson's is now owned by Lion, I wasn't sure if I should use them, but they do make good beer and it as they are one of the pioneers of the craft beer scene it's hard not to. As it says on the label a Roasty Malty Dark Ale

Wellington Phoenix 1 Auckland City 3

Parrot Dog Bloodhound Red Ale (6.3%) 3 
Parrot Dog Brewery is on Vivian Street a few doors away from the Wellington Phoenix offices so what better choice?
This is a smooth, malty strong red ale that I keep going back for more of 
Liberty Yakima Scarlet (6.9%) 3
This is the 7th incarnation of this beer and is described as hoppy and it is red. A bit more bitter than the Bloodhound.

Canterbury United 2 Team Wellington 1

Three Boys Pilsner (5%) 1 
A bitter pilsner with a hint of burnt malt, an OK beer.
Panhead Port Road Pils (5.2%) 2
From Upper Hutt, this is a hoppy full bodied pilsner that makes you feel like you've had a beer (as opposed to the Three boys one which didn't)

Auckland City still lead both the beer and football tables, followed by Canterbury United in the football and Southern United in the beer (who are bottom in the football one)