ASB Premiership round 3 review

During the week we had our first managerial casualty, with Waitakere United parting company with Brian Shelley and technical director, Paul Smalley after their 5-1 hammering from WaiBOP United and replacing him with former coach Chris Millicich. The change of manager didn't do much for Waitakere United who went down 3-1 away to Team Wellington.

Team Wellington, also made a midweek announcement, but that they had signed the brother of Michael McGlinchley Connor, wasn't quite as dramatic. Connor's “debut” was actually his second appearance as he came on as a sub last week. However it was ex Fulham trainee James Musa who netted twice, with James Dixon getting the third.

At Forsthy Barr Stadium in Dunedin, the 2 winless teams, Southern United and Wellington Phoenix met on a surface that was trying to make QBE Stadium in Auckland look OK. Southern United getting their 1st goal of the season in the 7th minute through Andrew Ridden and holding on for a 1-0 win.

On Thursday night WaiBOP United hosted Hawke's Bay United at Owen Delany Park in Taupo and it was Hawke's Bay who won through a late wonder strike from sub Kahir Jones

Sunday's big game was between the top 2, Auckland City & Canterbury United. Auckland City had announced their squad for the Club World Cup during the week and in past years this has sometimes proved a distraction for them and Canterbury United did have a few chances but didn't put them away. In the 36th minute Auckland City's Ryan De Vries did put his away and Auckland went on to record a 4-1 win. After the game Auckland Keeper Jacob Spoonley said there was room for improvement, which really does show the standard that Auckland City are setting and the others need to step up to.

So here are the goals

Goal of the week : Kahir Jones Hawke's Bay United v WaiBOP United

Thankfully no Goalkeeping howlers this week, actually quite a few good saves.

A question to be asked of NZ Football though, when they got the games on TV they insisted some be played at big stadiums (QBE, Forsthy Barr etc) for night games this can make sense (ie no lights at smaller grounds) BUT did they forget to tell the ground staff at the stadiums?, QBE was literally spray painted green, and what was with the Forsthy Barr Stadium this week? Hopefully Mt Smart will be up to it for the Wellington Phoenix “home” game against Waitakere tonight!

Results and beers
Well the beer league has come up against the perennial problem of NZ Football – Money! So I have decided to change it (again, well if NZF can do it all the time why can't I?) So the beer league will be one round BUT played over the season. So this round I have WaiBOP v Hawkes Bay United & Team Wellington v Waitakere United, which means in the corresponding round (round 12 I think) I will review beers from Canterbury United v Auckland City & Wellington Phoenix v Southern United.

So just the football games
Southern United 1   Wellington Phoenix   0

Auckland City     4   Canterbury United    1

Football & Beer
WaiBOP United 0 Hawke's Bay United 1

Mata Wai-Iti Waka NZ Pale Ale (5.5%) 3 ZB Pale Ale (5%) 2

Aotearoa breweries is a family run business in Kawerau and produce the Mata beers. This is a traditional Pale Ale with a NZ twist, the wai-iti hops giving it that bitter taste. I have tried Mata beers before but not been that impressed but this one does, its got both the traditional Pale Ale and the kiwi hoppiness.

Zeelandt Breweries (ZB) is based in Eskdale, Napier. They do seem to be a brewery more into their dark beer and styles like dunkleweizen. But their Pale Ale is a very good traditional Pale Ale, with a smooth creamy head, with Wellington's summer weather (IE Rain) hammering down outside, I felt like I was in a local English boozer. The only thing that let it down was it was an older bottle so was a bit yeasty

Team Wellington 3 Waitakere United 1
Baylands Brewery Glasgow Slasher (12%) 3 The Dogs Golics (8%) 2

Baylands Brewery started in a garage on Baylands Drive in Newlands, before moving to Petone.
As it was St Andrews Day on Monday I decided to try a bottle of their Glasgow Slasher, Barley Wine. It's a beer that made me feel old, but that was just because they had originally brewed it for the 21st birthday of iconic Wellington bar the Malthouse (the guy on the label is Colin, the owner and he's from Glasgow). 
The 21st was last year, but what makes me feel old is I can remember being a regular at the Malthouse when it first opened!!!
The beer was quite deceptive, usually with beers that are 12% you know it but this was quite mellow, and easily drinkable, although after 2 or 3 of these you could see yourself imitating the label!

I was looking for another Scottish type beer to go up against this, but Its a NZ competition so I couldn't go for any of the Brew Dog options, the only Scotch ales or similar I could find came from Nelson (Sprig & Fern) or Marlborough (Renaissance) (another good reason for NZF to admit Tasman United to the National League). 

So with Scottish style beers out I choose a strong beer that epitomizes the craft beer world - The Dog's Gollics, a 8% Rauch Bock smoked lager. It is brewed by John Golic who won the SOBA (Society of Beer Advocates) home brewing competition and the prize was Hallertau brewing the beer on a commercial basis for him (and it allows me to link them to Waitakere United) and this was the result. I have always loved the smoky style of Rauch Bock beers and was very very impressed with this as its the sort of beer I'd expect from Germany not a home brewer. But if I was told I could only have one of these again, I'd opt for the Glasgow Slasher but only just..