ASB Premiership Review - Round 11

As we get down to the business end of the season it looks as if we have our Top 4, Auckland City, Canterbury United, Team Wellington & Hawke's Bay United. Although WaiBOP do have a very slim chance of making it. It's hard to explain but ever hopeful WaiBOP fan Enzo does a good job Here

Auckland City won their 9th Super City derby game in a row hammering Waitakere United 5-1 with Ex Waitakere player Ryan De Vries grabbing a Hat-trick

Saturday saw the Weenix host Hawke's Bay United, last time these teams met it was 5-5 but that wasn't to be the case today with Hawke's Bay United winning 2-0 with 2 goals from Sam Mason-Smith.

Sunday had 2 games the first was Southern United v Team Wellington which was a comfortable 3-0 win for Team Wellington. Southern United had Stu Kelly sent of early in the 1st half.

Game of the round had to be WaiBOP United v Canterbury United. Although the schedulers had obviously messed up having this game kick off at 4:35 while the Phoenix's A-League game against Perth Glory kicked off at 5 – both were live on Sky!

Angus Kilkooly opened the scoring with a stunning bicycle kick and this wasn't even the best goal of the game!. Canterbury keeper, Coey Turipa, banged his head on the upright while making a save and eventually had to go off and later required 6 stitches. WaiBOP had odviously been practising their corners and both their goals were almost identical, the 2nd looking like they had saved a point, but then Brook Messenger scored a screamer to give Canterbury a 3-2 win.

Here are the highlights

Goal of the week – When you score a bicycle kick you'd expect to get goal of the week but Angus Kilkooly's team mate Brook Messenger's winner for Canterbury has to be goal of the week if not the season.

Beer League 


Panhead Red IPA
Wellington Phoenix – Panhead Red IPA (8%) 4
Hawke's Bay United – Giant IPA (5%) 1

The Giant IPA comes from Giant Brewing of Havelock North, The label suggests you drink it with family members, work colleagues, friends, recent acquaintances or by yourself which pretty much covers all bases. That label comment is probably the most memorable thing about this beer!

The Panhead Red IPA, comes in a cool can.
The image is of a character they have called Johnny Octane – a freelance gunslinger trailing corpses across the badlands
It's definitely a beer that packs a punch lovely hoppy aroma with that nuggety taste

WaiBOP United        Good George Pilsner (5%)                        2
Canterbury United    Wigram Morning Glory Golden Ale (5%)   0

Good George is a brewery that has been set up in an old church (that was called St Georges) and they have been making some pretty good beer. This Pilsner is a full bodied lager with the fruity citris zest and a dry after taste. Not the best in their range but OK

There are some things that just don't go together, beer & Ice Cream, Goalscorers and Southern United, and breakfast cereal and beer. Wigram Brewing have a pretty good range of beers but this Morning Glory Golden Ale just does not do it for me, it claims to have 6 cereals in it and I think I detected at least cornflakes and muesli but these shouldn't go with beer and the texture reminds me of the sort of bad home brew that I used to make in the 1980's.

Results – Football

Auckland City       5    Waitakere United    1
Southern United   0    Team Wellington     3

Football & Beer
Wellington Phoenix   0  Hawkes Bay United 2
Panhead Red IPA     4  Giant IPA                 1

WaiBOP United          2   Canterbury United                           3
Good George Pilsner 2    Wigram Morning Glory Golden Ale 0


In the football it is Auckland City (29 points), Canterbury United (22), Team Wellington (21), Hawke's Bay United (21), WaiBOP United (15), Waitakere United (12), Weenix (4), Southern United (3)

In the Beer League it is currently Southern United (13), Weenix (11), WaiBOP (10), Team Wellington (9), Auckland City (8), Canterbury United (5), Waitakere United (3), Hawke's Bay United (1)