A mauling in Johnsonville

North Wellington Recon 0 Island Bay United Sharkettes 6
Wellington Women's Division 1
Alex Moore Park
Sunday 1st May 2016
Attendance 15-20

Recently I went through a ownership change at work and consequently my hours have been changed, which means I am currently scheduled to work on Saturday afternoons, which makes doing this blog and photos a bit difficult! So how to make this work, (well ideally getting a new job would be best, anyone know of one let me know!) but Women's football is played on Sunday's and I only work 1/2 days then! 

So I checked out the Women's Central League to find out that most games were out of Wellington this weekend and I was never going to make it from Upper Hutt to Seatoun in time for the one that was in Wellington! 

So I opted for a game I had a couple of friends playing in, the Wellington division 1 clash between North Wellington Recon (Sponsor name) & Island Bay United Sharkettes

North Wellington used to be one of the top Women's clubs in Wellington, while not winning as many honours as the all-conquering Miramar Rangers or more recently Seatoun they were always up there and also with a large social side with usually between 5-7 teams every season.

NW's Vicky Elks & Shona Mackay
These days they have 4 teams, one of which, the Tawny Ports is a social team that just keeps going, now in their 30th year – even though they have been complaining of being old ladies for at least the last 20 years! 

The team I was watching today are also a team that as been together for a while, at least two of their players, Vicky Elks & Shona MacKay, were playing for North Wellington in their inaugural Women's Central League season in 1997 These days they are effectively the clubs 1st team. 

While the men's 1st team is making a resurgence, back in Capital Premier after a 10 year absence and aiming for Central League, it seems the rest of the club, especially the Women's section is being left behind, which for a club that has been so strong in the women's game is a real shame.

Island Bay United “Sharkettes” have been around a few seasons, the last 2 spent in division 1 and are also their clubs 1st team.

Going into today's game North Wellington were bottom of the league, yet to record a win this season, while Island Bay United were unbeaten and had just come off a 19-0 victory over division 3 Marist in the Executive Plate, a game in which every player managed to get on the scoresheet!

Due to an eventful game a couple of weeks earlier between North Wellington and Wellington United, which has apparently led to a complaint being laid with Capital Football, North Wellington were forced to drop their regular keeper and put an outfield player in goal
not a great start against a team that has scored 37 goals in their 4 games this season!

IBU Sharkette on way for 6th goal
Because of my above mentioned work issue I missed the 1st half and arrived just as the 2nd half kicked off with Island Bay 4-0 up and North Wellington playing into the wind. 

So thinking I could get some shots of goals at the North Wellington end I headed down there. I tried this the other week when I went to Upper Hutt City v BNU and no goals were scored and it looked as if the same was going to happen again this week, the action was down that end and IBU had many shots but good defending from the North Wellington team kept it scoreless for about 35 minutes. 

Then an IBU cross found their number 10 on the edge of the penalty box and she lifted the ball over the keeper and into the net, then they scored straight from the kick off when the same player bet the North Wellington defenders and slotted it past the stand in keeper to make it 6-0

6-0 was what the score stayed at. Island Bay United looked a useful team and should at least win promotion this season if not the league. North Wellington are still competitive but while probably a more experienced team they struggled with the speed of the more youthful Sharkettes. 

I got some shots click here to check them out 


As always any help with names gratefully appreciated