Nothing to write home about.......

Upper Hutt City 1 Lower Hutt City 2nds 1

Capital Football Division 1

Saturday 28th May 2016

Maidstone Park

Attendance : about 80

Sometimes you go to a game and people later ask you what it was like, and you say well it was nothing to write home about! Well today's game was like that and this could prove difficult as I write a blog about going to football every week! But thanks to the weather and other factors its the only game I saw this weekend, so I have to find something to write about it!

I had Saturday all planned out, starting with checking out Stop Out's old timers day Which included an old timers game with real old timers, including 85 year old Jim Blair, who won the Chatham Cup with Stop Out in 1956. Then take in the 1st half of their Central League game against Napier City Rovers before heading up to Upper Hutt City and taking in their game against Lower Hutt 2nds in Capital Division 1, then going to work where I'd be able to watch NZ v Fiji in the Oceania Nations Cup. So it was shaping up to be a pretty good day.........and then it rained, and not just usual Wellington rain, but a proper downpour a bit like those tropical ones you get in Singapore but although it stopped raining it didn't really clear up and get warm afterwards.

So I wrongly assumed that the old timers game would be off (it wasn't - hardy lot those old timers) but the Napier game was moved to Petone Memorial and delayed by half an hour, meaning I wouldn't get to the Upper Hutt City game if I went to Stop Out. So I made the decision that in hindsight was the worst as Stop Out beat Napier 3-1 and played very well from reports I heard.

Meanwhile in Upper Hutt, in an extremely wind affected game, there wasn't much to write about. Upper Hutt City were relegated last season and are determined to get back into the Premier division and have been doing a pretty good job of it so far being unbeaten in their .7 games this season. Lower Hutt City are the 2nd team at their club and had won division 2 of the Hilton Petone Cup preseason and were sitting 2nd in the league. Between them this season the average number of goals per game involving these teams is 4. So obviously I would be a jinx and it would be a low scoring affair, which it was at 1 goal a piece!

Cushla Litchwark

The game was a pretty scrappy one which was down to the wind and neither team really managed to get into a rhythm. One note of interest is that Upper Hutt City's goalkeeper is a woman, Cushla Litchwark. She is also 1st team keeper for the Upper Hutt City's women's team, the Capital Football National League side and in the Football Ferns Squad to play Australia next week. I also managed to get what I though was a great picture of her making a one on one save but I hadn't noticed how much the light was fading so it isn't a publishable photo, in fact not many were 

but a few were - click here to see 

So from having a great day planned out it became a pretty rubbish one, choosing the wrong game to go to, most of my photos being pretty bad due to still trying to work out how to get the best from my camera in fading light and then at work I only got to see the second half of the All White's game as some guy wanted to watch his nephew playing in an U20 Aussie rugby league game!

I've watched football for long enough to know that you have to go through days like this now and then and actually you probably get a lot more days like this than fantastic ones but it's days like this that make the fantastic ones even better.

Upper Hutt City's Sam Rausch "steps" over LHC player
Benn Dawson (UHC) & LHC player jumping for ball

Upper Hutt City's David Lane

NB The program only listed Upper Hutt City players and I didn't have enough time to see the ref for a pic of the team sheet hence no names for Lower Hutt City Players