Two headers and unusual club names

Stop Out 2 Miramar Rangers 1
Central League
Hutt Park
Saturday 9th July 2016
Attendance about 70

Recently I saw something about strange names for football clubs, names such as 
Go Ahead Eagles from Netherlands, The Botswana Meat Commission, Peru's Deportivo Wanka (Wanka are a race of people), Swaziland's XI Men In Flight, Ghana has Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarfs, Finland FC Santa Claus the list goes on. 

In New Zealand there aren't too many unusual names of clubs. The early rounds of the Chatham Cup usually see social based clubs with names such as Zamitix Rovers, Tuck Shop Inn Cafe & Melchester Rovers (a Dunedin based club named after the team in the Roy of the Rovers comic strip). At a senior level there is Christchurch club FC Twenty 11 which could have something to do with the Dutch club FC Twente but more than likely it was it was no one could think of anything original in 2011 when Avon United & Burnside merged.

Then there is Stop Out. Formed almost 100 years ago to provide recreational opportunities for kids associated with Te Aro's St Peters Mission. The kids who hung around the streets were referred to by the slang term Stop Out and the name stuck for the club. I suppose that today it would've probably be called something like Streetkidz fc or Homies United!

I have seen Stop Out play a couple of times this season, but I hadn't seen them play at home (well except for their preseason game against Samoa) so seeing they were playing Miramar Rangers, who were 1 place and 1 point ahead of them in the league, and both teams averaging 3 goals a game it promised to be an entertaining watch. Of course when I say things like this it tends to put a jinx on it and a first half in which both teams were trying to assert their dominance very few scoring opportunities occurred it seemed to be that way.

It was the second half that this game came to life, a few minutes in and the ball hit Stop Out captain, Jason Tipping, on the arm while he was in the penalty area. Miramar shouted for handball and ref Matt Conger gave it, much to the annoyance of the Stop Out players. Miramar's Tom Jackson easily converted the penalty into a goal and Miramar were 1-0 up.
Tom Jackson (MR) makes it 1-0
The penalty award had riled Stop Out who stepped up a gear and pushed forward looking for a equaliser. Miramar were buoyed by going one up and were attempting to increase their lead so the game became quite an attractive one to watch. Stop Out got their reward after about 20 or so minutes when Micky Malivuk headed in a cross from the left flank.

Both teams continued to press, although Stop Out seemed to be enjoying slightly more of the possession, but Miramar were doing a good job of containing the threat of Luis Corrales up front, the times he managed to break the line and excel with his speed he would inevitably be called offside.
Corrales breaks away, but was called offside
With about 10 minutes to go another Stop Out cross from the left flank found Luke Grindlay who headed into the top of the net to make it 2-1.

Stop Outs winning goal
The last 10 minutes were tense as Miramar pushed for an equaliser and Stop Out fought to keep them out. Stop Out's keeper, Chris Campbell, who hadn't had a huge amount to do all day proved his worth with an excellent reaction save to tip the ball over the bar and deny Miramar a late goal.
Chris Campbell denies Miramar a late equaliser
Miramar were probably a bit gutted that they didn't get a draw but for the all the attacking play they didn't really get enough shots on target, whereas Stop Out had the edge in that department and hence the 2-1 win.

The Central League is getting pretty exciting now with only 6 points separating the top 5 teams. Napier started the weekend on top, were joined by Stop Out for a couple of hours, before Wellington Olympic beat Wairarapa United 1-0 to take spot for Saturday night, and then Napier reclaimed it after beating Petone 4-1 on Sunday (after being 1-0 at half time). I'm sure there will be a few more changes in the 6 weeks that are left of the season

more photos from the game can be found here