Team Wellington 3 Hawke's Bay United 3

Sunday 22nd January 2017

Dave Farrington Park, Wellington

Att : about 100 hardy souls braved the wind and the rain

Team Wellington's 2nd goal The JourneyFan

We've obviously confused the weather gods by playing football in summer, so much so that they layed on the best of winter conditions (or as the mainstream media now calls it a Weather Bomb) for the clash between Team Wellington and Hawke's Bay United. 
In Hawke's Bay United's last 3 games there have been 20 goals, while Team Wellington's last 3 games have produced 14 goals, so the game promised much and it delivered.

Hawke's Bay United opened the scoring in the 4th minute when Saul Halpin scored from the penalty spot. 8 minutes later it was all level, Hawke's Bay United keeper, Josh Hill, made a great save from an Andy Bevin shot but couldn't hold it and Ben Harris pounced on the rebound to equalise. 12 minutes later Saul Halpin had the ball in the back of the net to restore Hawke's Bay United's lead.

Despite a very strong wind, both teams were playing pretty good football, although neither were dominating and when Tom Jackson scored with almost the last kick of the half to make it 2-2, it felt as if this was a fair reflection of the game.

Fin Milne (HBU) runs into Team Wellington's Andy Bevin and concedes a penalty The JourneyFan

5 minutes into the 2nd half Hawke's Bay United's Fin Milne ran into Team Wellington's Andy Bevin in the penalty area and Tom Jackson got his 10th of the season from the resulting penalty. This was when Hawke's Bay United coach, Brett Angell, came into focus. Angell, who played a season for Everton in the English Premier League, is what you can describe as a very vocal coach. In the first half he had questioned a few of the refs decisions, although they were the sort of questions that were befitting of a one eyed Bay supporter. He also had some entertaining banter with the Team Wellington bench, although the 4th official stepped in when it seemed to be getting a bit personal.

4th Official tells Brett Angell to calm down The JourneyFan

He wasn't impressed with the decision to award Team Wellington a penalty and after remonstrating about it to the 4th official and using some choice language he was given a final warning. Then in the 66th minute Cory Chettleburgh made a hard tackle in front of the dugout, from my viewpoint next to the dugout, I thought it was a fair tackle and Chettleburg got the ball, however Team Wellington players claimed it was two footed and he went over the ball and the ref agreed with them gave them a free kick and booked Chettleburgh. As things were getting heated, Angell let the ref know what he thought of the decision. So after the ref dealt with Chettleburgh he sent Angell to the stands.

Angell's definition of “the stands” was, like his interpretation of the rules, slightly different to the ref's and he chose to stand in front of the changing rooms, from here he could still talk to the bench and his subs who were warming up. After a bit the ref noticed this and told him to go upstairs (to which some wag upstairs commented “we don't want him up here”). He disappeared for a bit but was soon back and still sending instructions to his bench, summed up best when the 4th official held up the board for number 2 to be subbed and he shouted out sorry he'd got it wrong it was supposed to be number 3, Kohei Matsumoto being subbed! The ref didn't seem to notice this.

Anyway back to the football, which was actually a pretty good game in difficult conditions. Team Wellington had a few chances but were unable to get past Hawke's Bay United's keeper, Josh Hill, who was having an outstanding game and made several vital saves, then with 10 minutes to go one of the subs made by Angell (after he had been sent off), Facundo Babero, popped up and made it 3-3. Shortly after this when Team Wellington were attacking the ref noticed Angell, and had more words with him, effectively telling him that if he didn't do as he was told Hawke's Bay United would be losing the game, whether or not the ref could do this didn't matter as Angell retreated into the changing room for the rest of the game, which ended 3-3.

Josh Hill makes a save at the feet of Team Wellington's Tom Jackson The JourneyFan
So it was an entertaining day and surprisingly, given the wind and the rain, some good football was played it's just a shame that the antics of Brett Angell overshadowed the game. This is the second time this season he has been sent off and local Hawke's Bay United fans seem to wait each game for the moment when Angell will kick off. He's undoubtedly a good coach, in his 2 seasons at Hawke's Bay United he has taken them to a Grand Final (where they lost 2-1 to Auckland City) and finished 2nd in the league (they lost the semi-final to Team Wellington) and he's done this with a team of decent but not spectacular players. 
But he does need to sort out his sideline manner, being passionate is fine but when you are expressing that passion and almost every 2nd word is the f-word it's not a good look, especially now the league is getting decent TV exposure.

He said after the game that next week he will be a spectator in the stand and his assistant (who wasn't at this game) Jamie Dunning will take charge of the team. I get the feeling it will be a few more weeks before he is allowed back in the dugout.



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